Love Hair Ties are beautiful, simple hair ties available in a rainbow of colours, patterns and styles. From simple, understated collections to sparkly rhinestone encrusted beaded collections, and of course, everything in between. Whatever your age, your hair or your style you can be sure to find a Love hair tie or two (or three or more!!!) to suit your needs.

All our hair ties are made from high quality, soft, stretchy elastic which doesn’t snag or snap your hair, and because they are so gentle they don’t leave behind the unsightly lumps and bumps in your hair that regular hair ties do, giving you the freedom to change your look throughout the day.

In addition to our regular ties, we have also introduced a range called ‘Little Loves’ designed exclusively with the littler lady in mind. Look out for the ‘Little Loves’ logo. The hair ties are exactly the same size and quality as original packs.

All Love Hair Ties are cut and tied by hand. Finished to a high standard and cut from premium elastic. They are heat-sealed (to prevent fraying) and presented on our signature Love Hair Ties card before being lovingly wrapped and winging their way to you, our lovely customer.

Where it all began

The origins of Love Hair Ties began less than a year ago. A concept born out of necessity, I was frustrated with the inadequacies of regular hair elastics for tying up both mine and my daughter’s hair, so I started to look for an alternative. Through my research I discovered these wonderful little hair ties which were really popular in the States but at this point hadn’t yet made it to us over here. So, I imported some materials and made my own and voila Love Hair Ties was born!

In the time it has taken for Love Hair Ties to come into fruition, these wonderful ties have been popping up along the high street but to the best of my knowledge we are as yet unrivalled in both choice and quality!

I am currently creating and sourcing a variety of beautiful hair accessories, exciting new hair products and lots more hair ties, all coming to the website soon so please do check back regularly! If you cannot find what you are looking for, I am happy to make up bespoke sets to suit your needs and colour preferences, please email for a quote!