Summer Sunshine

Hooray, how amazing to be treated to an entire weekend of summer sunshine! We spent our days in the garden soaking up the sun and the first wonderful signs that summer is on its way. Some of the roses are already in full bloom and filling the garden with fragrance. Another sign that summer is almost upon us is in full swing next door – a chirping birdbox! We spotted next doors nesting blue tits popping in and out of their house, adorable! Both mum and dad were rushing in and out feeding their peckish young ones and the kids enjoyed watching nature in full swing on their doorstep. We shall keep an eye on them and keep you informed!
If you are feeling inspired by nature, check out the adorable ‘Bluebird’ 5 tie pack , reminiscent of summer skies and tweety pies, or for a more nostalgic feel, the beautiful ‘Montgomery Road’, inspired by a Vintage rose garden!
Enjoy the sunshine!